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About Winchester


About Winchester Homes

At Winchester Homes we understand just how important it is to make sure each home is built with the utmost attention to detail.  There truely is a difference between getting the job done and getting the job done right. The key is getting the job done right without cutting corners all while offering the most affordable home in Utah. Many builders constantly use techniques to cut costs, but some of those techniques really can be cause for concern. Cutting corners with Winchester Homes is NOT an option! We have been building along the Wasatch Front for many years and have over 20 years of experience.  We diligently strive to work with our suppliers, installers, tradesmen, investors, etc to keep the costs down.  Getting neccessary bids, buying in bulk, and building multiple homes per year provides us with a market edge on price.  We also offer more standard features than just about any other home builder.  We are home-grown right here in Utah too... so the ease of communication, warranties, and Winchester's desire to help build Utah with the most beautiful and affordable homes is everso present.  From Land Development to New Construction, each member of our team has an in-depth knowledge of residential construction and management.  Whether in Weber County, Davis County, Salt Lake County, or Utah County we love to build and want to build for you!  We strive to focus on three basic principles: "People... Passion... Progress..."

We strive to make each customer part of the building process.  Where would we be without you?  We know who keeps us in business and we understand this very important concept.  We want to built each home as if we were building our own personal home.  We believe that building long lasting homes AND relationships and helping people along the way is really what it's all about and our greatest satisfaction relies on this principle.

Also known as "enthusiasm".  We love what we do!  At Winchester Homes, passion is what drives us.  A positive attitude and a passion for not only building homes, but life in general is what we are all about.  We want to build your home andhave everyone enjoy the process.  If we love what we do then you too will love what we do.  A positive attitude goes a long way and can be key to one's success.

Were would we be as a society without progression?  We know that in today's ever-changing world, you can't just sit back and say, "I'm done!".  We want to grasp every chance we can to improve upon what we are doing.  Our goal is to hammer each nail, lay every brick, and hang every door better than the competition.   We keep up on the current trends, codes, economic news, banking, and industry practices.  Don't expect us to sit still.  At Winchester Homes we want to be the best... for you!

"People... Passion... Progress...".

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